Kuismanen Competition


Kuismanen finishes his international racing career

Pertti Kuismanen opens the door to his lobby for trophies which size is over hundred square meters. He takes his beloved dachshund Rosalita to his lap and presents proudly the shelves filled with shining trophies.
– I’ve got more than a thousand of them, he summarizes his impressive collection of trophies.
There is no place for more and there will not come more.

Pertti Kuismanen tells that his international career in motorsports that lasted 28 years is finished. The age of this veteran driver is 74 years. In front of the trophy shelves there is a Chrysler Viper tuned and polished on the last and ready for new challenges. However, Kuismanen thought that it is time to finish.
– At some point, it must be done. This is it and there are many reason for that which I do not reveal.
Professional and competitive Kuismanen Competition has been desired participant for ultimate series for muscle cars in Central Europe. This year the car was built for german-driven Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy which championships he has won several times in past 20 years.
– Of course, I am a bit disappointed because I will not be able to try the fastest Viper forever in Nürburgring or in Hockenheim. Viper’s new 8,3-8,4 cubic engine has nearly 900 horsepower and the new ABS brakes would have completed the driving pleasure, says Kuismanen.
– Almost for 30 years we drove one, two or even three international series in the same season all over the world. Somebody could think that is it not enough for one man. When I still wanted to win, and was able to do so, why shouldn’t I drive.
– When you keep yourself in good shape, you have the genes for speed and you love the sport, you do not forget how you drive fast with a race car. It is good to finish when you are on the top, not because your speed is not enough for competing for the pole, Kuismanen philosophizes.
Kuismanen throws in the air a question, if there is someone else in the world, who has victoriously raced with his own racing team for 28 years on a row in the international level. – Hardly.

1996 Special Saloon Nordic championship, Super Saloon, Finnish Championship, Audi Quattro GTO
1997 The Championship of Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy, Audi Quattro GTO
1998 The Championship of Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy, Nordic championship, Special Saloon Swedish Championship, Audi Quattro GTO
1999-2000 Castrol BelCar-series Championship, Podiums, Audi Quattro Turbo Competition and Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2001 Castrol BelCar-series general Championship, Championship of Driver’s Challenge, the Championship of the division and class, Audi Quattro Turbo Competition
2002 Castrol BelCar-series Championship, Podiums, Audi Quattro Turbo Competition and Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2003 – 2005 Castrol BelCar Championship series, 2nd. , EuroGT-Championship-series 3rd. Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2006 The French FFSA GT-Championship-series, 2nd, the European Championship Le Mans -Championship-series LMSGT1, 6th, Chevrolet Corvette C6.R
2007 Central European Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy Championship, Nordic Championship, Estonian GT Championship, Nordic Supercar-series 2nd,Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2008 Nordic Championship, Nordic Supercar Championship, Victories of all the competitions participed in Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy series, Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2009 Nordic Championship, Nordic Supercar-Championship, Belgian GT, The class victory in Zolder 24h, Chrystler Viper GTS-R
2010 The series driven FIA GT1 World Championship, Chevrolet Corvette C6.R, FIA Northern European Zone GT-Championship-series(NEZ), Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2011 The Championship of FIA GT NEZ Cup, Ford GT
2012 The Championship of Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy general series, Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2013 The Victory of the biggest class in Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy, 2nd in the general race, Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2014 Race victories in DMV-GTC and in Spezial Tourenwagen Trophy Championship series, Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2015 DMV-GTC- series, the Championship of the greatest class, general competition’s Vizemeister, Championship in Gentleman Cup, Chrysler Viper GTS-R
2016 DMV-GTC-series, silvel in the greatest class, Chrysler Viper GTS-R


Before his racing career, Kuismanen made a long career in ice-hockey. In the 1960’s Juhani Wahlsten attracted Kuismanen from the heart of Savonia, Kuopio to Turku to play in the local ice-hockey team. In TPS Kuismanen played in the first chain with Juhani Walsten and Juhani Tamminen and he was team’s top goal scorer when they won the silver medal in 1967.
In 1967, he represented Finland in two international games too. Then he played with Veli-Pekka Ketola and Matti Keinonen. But not until in motorsport he made the national anthem as theme music in the international racing circles in Central Europe.
He captured the enthusiasm in motorsport in Karting and it continued in the European Championship in Assen and in the World Championship in Le Mans in 1988. In Australia in Adelaide the Super Karts drove in the Formula 1 race’s prerace a race which was commented in TV by the British legend Murray Walker. The victory of that race was a competition between the European Champion Stefan Rindeström from Sweden and Kuismanen. Kuismanen had to finish his competing in senior class of Karting in Österreichring in 1995 because of a severe shoulder injury.
After that Kuismanen begun to race with a booth car. A great Audi Quattro GTO, originally made for US markets, was found in South Africa and with that car Kuismanen left a trace in tracks in Finland and in Central Europe. The national anthem was heard in internationally known race tracks. The chain of championships grew and grew. My best racing season was 2001 when I won the general championship of Belcar-series. Them we cleared the whole winning table.
In 2010 Kuismanen went with Mika Salo and Oliver Gavin to FIA’s GT1-class World Championship series. The Corvette was not competitive and that year the podium remained out of their reach. After 2010, the success followed them and the most important victory was the general championship of the Special Tourenwagen Trophy in 2012.
The last competing season brought the silver medal of the DMV GTC-series in 2016.
I would like to give my gratitude to all my partners, supporters, friends, hardest rivals, race promoters, and of course to the people who work in my own team, Kuismanen Competition. This has been such a great time that finishing removed so far.

Thank you for the past years!

Pertti A. Kuismanen